(the following topics include but are not limited to)

Advanced material processing

Advances in computational and numerical methods

Biochemistry and Biomolecular Engineering

Biochemical engineering

Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering

Biological and pharmaceutical chemistry


Catalysis and reaction engineering

Challenge and development of Chemical Engineering Education

Chemical equipment design and process design

Chemical reaction engineering

Chemical, environmental and process engineering

Fundamentals of chemistry and chemical engineering

Computational fluid dynamics and chemical engineering

Environmental engineering and management

Environmental engineering and sustainable development

Food Engineering

Food processing technology and Engineering

Material chemistry and Engineering

Electrochemical engineering

Chemical machinery and equipment

All oxide heterostructures and devices

Nano materials and Nano Electronics

New functional inorganic nonmetallic materials, microstructure material design

Nonlinear Photonics

Controllable synthesis and assembly of low dimensional nano materials

Nano Photonics Materials

Colloid and Interface Chemistry

Dielectric superlattice and its microstructure materials and devices

Process synthesis & design

Process system, instrumentation and control

Product design and innovation

Product engineering and product development

Product Engineering in the Bio Industries

Product innovation, development and economics

Reaction engineering and catalysis

Renewable energy, Fuel Cell, energy storage, hydro-treatment


Safety and risk management systems

Self-organisation in the Bio-sciences and elsewhere

Separation engineering

Smart manufacturing & Big data

Software architecture, standards and interfaces

Supercritical Fluids as solvent substitutes

Supply chain management and business decision support

Sustainable and clean technologies




New materials and structured products

Particle technology

Particulate systems

Physical chemistry and thermodynamics for life sciences and  biotechnology

Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Process & product synthesis & design

Process Analytical Technology - PAT

Process control and operations

Process design and optimization

Process integration

Important Dates | 重要日期
  • Submission Deadline: 2024.1.23
  • Registration Deadline: 2024.1.28
  • Conference Date: 2024.2.2
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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